If one divorces a lady and she happens and marries some other person, he can maybe not take the lady back

If one divorces a lady and she happens and marries some other person, he can maybe not take the lady back

Unique Overseas adaptation “If one divorces their partner and she departs your and marries another man, should the guy return to the woman once more? Will never the land getting totally defiled? You need existed as a prostitute with lots of lovers– might you today come back to myself?” declares the LORD.

New residing Translation “ for the would certainly corrupt the area

English standards type “If a guy divorces his wife and she happens from him and turns out to be another man’s girlfriend, will the guy go back to the girl? wouldn’t that area feel greatly contaminated? You’ve got starred the whore with several devotee; and could you return to me personally? declares the father.

Berean learn Bible “If a man divorces their partner and she departs him to wed another, can he actually come back to her? wouldn’t normally like an area getting totally defiled? However you have actually starred the harlot with many lovers—and you’d go back to Me?” declares the LORD.

Master James Bible they claim, If one set aside his girlfriend, and she go from your, and start to become another mans, shall the guy get back unto the woman again? shall not that land getting greatly contaminated? but thou hast starred the harlot with quite a few devotee; but return once more in my experience, saith god.

Brand-new master James adaptation “They say, ‘If a guy divorces their girlfriend, And she happens from your And turns out to be another man’s, May he return to her once again?’ Will never that area getting greatly contaminated? Nevertheless bring played the harlot with many devotee; However return to myself,” states god.

Brand-new United states criterion Bible goodness claims, “If a spouse divorces his spouse And she makes him And becomes another man’s girlfriend, Will he go back to the girl once again? Would that area never be completely defiled? Nevertheless were a prostitute with several enthusiasts; Yet your seek out me personally,” declares the LORD.

NASB Jesus claims, “If a partner divorces his wife And she goes from your And belongs to another guy, Will he nevertheless go back to her? will likely not that land be entirely contaminated? You include a harlot with many different devotee; Yet you turn-to Me,” declares god.

NASB Jesus says, “If a spouse divorces their wife, And she happens from him, And belongs to another man, Will the guy nevertheless return to her? don’t that land be entirely polluted? However is a harlot with lots of lovers; Yet you move to Me,” declares god.

Increased Bible frankly, “If men divorces his girlfriend And she happens [away] from your And gets another man’s [wife], Will the guy come back to her once more? [Of course maybe not!] Will not that secure [where any such thing aplikace flirtwith took place] end up being totally desecrated? Nevertheless [rebelled against me personally therefore] is a prostitute with quite a few devotee; Yet you move to Me.” claims the father.

Christian requirement Bible If a person divorces their spouse

Holman Christian standards Bible If men divorces their partner and she simply leaves him to get married another, can the guy ever before return to her? Wouldn’t like an area be completely defiled? However! You may have starred the prostitute with quite a few partners– can you come back to Me? Here is the LORD’s declaration.

American Standard variation They say, If one put away his wife, and she change from your, and become another mans, will the guy go back unto her again? wont that area become significantly polluted? But thou hast starred the harlot with lots of devotee; yet return once again in my experience, saith Jehovah.

Brenton Septuagint interpretation If a man put away their partner, and she depart from your, and turn into another mans, shall she come back to your more after all? shall not too woman feel thoroughly defiled? ye thou hast lost a-whoring with many shepherds, and hast gone back to me, saith god.

Contemporary English variation god thought to the people of Israel: If a separated lady marries, can this lady basic partner actually marry the woman again? No, as this would contaminate the area. But you convey more gods than a prostitute keeps enthusiasts. Why must we take you straight back?

Douay-Rheims Bible truly frequently mentioned: If a person put away his partner, and she go from him, and wed another guy, shall he come back to the girl any further? shall not too lady feel contaminated, and defiled? but thou hast prostituted thyself to several devotee: nevertheless return to me personally, saith the father, and I also will get thee.

English Revised adaptation People say, If men store their wife, and she move from him, and turn into another people’s, shall he come back unto this lady once more? shall not too land end up being considerably contaminated? But thou hast starred the harlot with quite a few fans; but return again in my opinion, saith the LORD.

Great Translation god says, “If a person divorces their partner, and she will leave him and turns out to be another mans girlfriend, he cannot bring her back again. This could completely defile the area. But, Israel, you have had many devotee, and now you wish to go back to me!

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