What Are the School Rules and Regulations

1. Students cannot be called to the school office to make phone calls during school hours. For formal occasions in every way, girls wear a white blouse with long sleeves and a skirt with a school tie, black stockings and a navy blue blazer. Grade 11 and 12 girls wear navy blue skirts, white formal blouses, school ties, black stockings and a striped blazer for seniors. The navy blue school sweater can be worn at any time depending on the weather. Girls should wear school clothes, short white socks, black shoes and navy blue blazers (grades 6 to 10) or striped blazers (grades 11 and 12). The navy blue girl sweater can be worn with this dress depending on the weather. 15. English is the second language for most of us, but it is also a means of teaching. To acquire spoken English language skills, all students must converse in English at school (and where possible at home).

From the beginning, be clear about the consequences of breaking the rules. Consider a “fix what you broke” approach that asks the student to make amends through actions or words, or to set waiting times and temporary loss of privileges. Some violations are more serious than others (p.B violence versus offline speech), so be prepared to respond appropriately. Campus Visitors – All visitors must register at the main office upon arrival and log out upon departure. This policy is for the safety of students, visitors and staff. The school needs to know who is on campus at all times. All visitors must have identification on the school grounds. With this badge, other adults on campus know that you have signed up.

The school`s approach to discipline is for each student to develop self-discipline and act responsibly to contribute to the overall well-being of all members of the school. Every child has the right to expect an environment conducive to teaching and learning. Likewise, each student has a responsibility to contribute to this environment. 5. Gift of any kind to be distributed to the school, including birthdays. For many teachers, student discipline is a difficult subject. If every class needs rules, it goes without saying that non-compliance with the rules should have appropriate consequences. Students must participate in all school programs, extracurricular activities, school functions and other school-related programs. Take these big rules and use them to create smaller, more actionable rules. If you want to promote respect in your classroom, create rules that encourage students to use positive language, respect their classmates` property, and keep their hands to themselves. Residents who go to and from school during holiday periods may wear civvies; Shirt with collar, shorts or pants with belt, covered shoes. Channels/slides are not allowed.

Philosophy of School Discipline – The goal of student behaviour standards is to maintain a safe school environment that promotes academic achievement and feelings of safety, respect and responsibility. At all times, Willard students must demonstrate the attitudes of an IB student: respect, empathy, appreciation, tolerance, independence, integrity, curiosity, creativity, cooperation, enthusiasm and trust. With that in mind, here are some tips to ensure that student discipline is used when necessary to get back to what your students are really here for: learning! While it`s good to involve students in the rule-making process, it`s also important to remember that the final word on what works stays with you. If you explain the rules and work them together, students are more likely to accept and respect your authority. All students are required to accept, maintain and practice good manners and appropriate behaviors on occasion. Staff and parents are expected to support the school in this area. Recognize that class rules are only one part of class management. Depending on your class`s specific class rules, restorative practices can provide a more empathetic approach to problem solving by presenting class rules in an engaging way to stimulate creativity on the first day of school. Have students help them create posters of class rules or short sketches that creatively demonstrate the rules for the rest of the class.

If students participate in the presentation of the rules, they are more likely to remember and comply with them. No vandalism. Do not write or sculpt on your desk or school property. 2. If a student is absent from school even one day due to illness or emergency, the parent must complete the “Non-Attendance Record” in the school almanac. School staff worked together to adopt school-wide guidelines regarding expected behaviour for all sites. Our goal is to develop a safe, respectful and responsible school. The following guidelines have been developed. Start by looking at the big picture: What core values should influence how you and your students interact? Values such as self-respect, positivity, encouragement and passion are great places to start. WALLETS, BAGS AND HATS Students are not allowed to wear these items during the school day. Hats, rags and scarves cannot be worn in the building. 1.

The players of the team follow the rules. Do not bring electronic devices such as mobile phones, toys, food, drinks and hoodies to school. According to school regulations, these items, including mobile phones, are temporarily confiscated. Always a team player! Regularly supports the school recycling programme 2.5.5 Mobile phones can only be switched on in the canteen during recess or after school. The school`s anti-bullying policy applies to the use of mobile phones. The use of voice, data, photo function or SMS/email messages to harass, harass or insult another person is a serious offence at school and falls under the general bullying protocols of the school. Residents can use their phones in accordance with the pension rules. Do you want to keep these rules nearby? We`ve come up with a downloadable PDF with all these rules you can use in your classroom today! 7. In case of collective damage to the school property in the classroom, the entire class will be charged the cost of the damage. A vigilant attitude must be maintained to keep the environment clean.

All waste paper should be picked up and thrown in the trash. 13. Any communication sent in the school almanac must be confirmed by the parents/guardians. 3. Stick stickers and posters of any kind on the school grounds. 2.2.1 Students must be at school at 7:30 a.m.m. All form teachers then mark the presence. .

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