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Zia Ul Karam Islamic Center

Welcome to Zia Ul Karam Islamic Centre, a beacon of faith and community since its establishment on December 13, 2014. Our journey began in a rented building that previously housed a pub, adorned with wine paraphernalia. However, with our commitment to creating a space of worship and learning, we transformed the premises into a mosque and Islamic center.

Upon signing the lease, we embarked on the task of purifying the space, removing all remnants of its former identity, and converting it into a haven for spiritual enlightenment. Our doors opened to conduct five daily prayers in congregation, as well as the sacred Friday/Jummah prayer. Furthermore, we initiated Nazrah/Hifz classes, providing our community with opportunities to memorize and recite the Quran from the heart, alongside religious and spiritual events that enriched the soul.

For nearly five years, our rented building served as the nucleus of our endeavors. Then, after 5.5 years, Zia Ul Karam Islamic Centre achieved a significant milestone by acquiring its own building, marking a moment of transition and growth. In this new space, which became our home in August 2019, we continued our mission with renewed vigor.

Within our new premises, three students have successfully completed the monumental task of memorizing the Quran by heart through our Hifz department, while another student graduated from our Alm-e-Din department, specializing in Islamic courses.

Today, all our activities, from prayers to classes and events, resonate within the walls of our owned building, symbolizing our commitment to providing a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and learning.

As we look ahead, we invite you to join us on this journey of faith and community, where the teachings of Islam inspire us to strive for excellence and embody the principles of compassion, tolerance, and unity. Welcome to Zia Ul Karam Islamic Centre, where hearts find solace and souls find enlightenment.

Zia Ul Karam is currently managing a loan of $675k. To fulfill this financial obligation, we kindly request your support through donations.