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At Zia Ul Karam Organization, we consider it a privilege to be a part of your joyous journey towards marriage. We offer Nikkah services to Muslim couples seeking a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that upholds Islamic traditions.

Marriage is a sacred bond established by Allah (SWT) and serves as the foundation of a strong and loving family unit.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

“Whoever desires the Hereafter, he should guard his prayers and maintain good relations with his wife.” (Sahih al-Bukhari).

A successful marriage fosters spiritual growth, love, and compassion, contributing to a fulfilling life.

We understand the significance of your Nikkah ceremony and strive to make it a cherished memory for you and your loved ones. Our dedicated team provides guidance and support throughout the entire process, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

We Offer:

  • Pre-marital counseling to guide couples in building a strong foundation for their marriage based on Islamic principles.
  • Assistance with Nikkah arrangements, adhering to all essential Islamic requirements.
  • A serene and welcoming space at our center to host your Nikkah ceremony.

We are committed to working closely with you to create a Nikkah ceremony that reflects your unique love story and adheres to your religious values.

We are authorized from New York City to conduct Islamic Marriage. So Imam Shahbaz Ahmed Chishti is a marriage efficient of New York City. And we also issue marriage certificates for those whom we conduct marriages.

Contact Zia Ul Karam Organization today to embark on this exciting chapter of your life together.