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Al-Qasim TV USA is your gateway to a world of Islamic knowledge, inspiration, and community. We are dedicated to promoting peace, prosperity, and a deeper understanding of Islam, particularly within the American Muslim community.

Our core mission is to share the beautiful message of Islam, emphasizing its core values of peace, compassion, and social justice. We believe that Islam offers a path to spiritual fulfillment and a foundation for building a more harmonious society.

We are committed to providing educational programming that caters to the needs of Muslim generations growing up in the USA. Al-Qasim TV USA offers a platform for learning about Islamic principles, history, and contemporary issues relevant to American Muslims.

We strive to address misconceptions and promote accurate portrayals of Islam. Al-Qasim TV USA serves as a platform to defend Islamic ideology based on authentic sources and scholarly understanding.

We are accessible wherever you are! Al-Qasim TV USA is a web-based channel, readily available through your web browser. Additionally, we maintain a strong social media presence, allowing you to connect with us and fellow viewers on various platforms.

We invite viewers from all over the world to join us on this journey of learning, inspiration, and community building. Al-Qasim TV USA is a resource for Muslims seeking to deepen their faith, explore Islamic knowledge, and connect with a vibrant online community.

Experience the transformative power of Islamic teachings with Al-Qasim TV USA!